Let’s talk about races in ArcheAge

ArcheAge now is a very popular MMORPG game, what race will you choose at the beginning of the game. There are 4 playable races in ArcheAge: Nuians, Firrans, Elves and Harani, but Archeage-store said that they will add 2 more races later on. Thus there will be 6 races in total.

Playable races are divided into 2 factions: The Elves and The Nuians belong to Western Continent also called Nuia. The Firrans and The Harani belong to Eastern Continent also called Haranya. Western and Eastern continents are divided by a huge sea. These continents are in war and players from two factions are fighting between each other on the land and on the sea.

Races of Western Continent

The Nuians
Nuians are humanoid race of Western Continent. They are descendants of Nui – a powerful Goddess of the Hereafter and their culture revolves around this goddess.

Starting Location: Nuian players start their adventures in Baragi Village – beautiful village near the sea shore.

The Elves
Elves are a race of Western Continent. They are looking like humans but they are usually more elegant and have very long ears. Though they look like humans they don’t like big stone cities. They prefer to live in forests far from other races and that’s why life of elves is rumored to be full of fantastic stories. Elven women are beautiful and men are handsome. Some of them like to travel searching for adventures. Others are more peaceful.

Let's talk about races in ArcheAge

Races of Eastern Continent

The Firrans
Firrans is a race of nomads from Eastern Continent. They have unusual appearance and are looking like cats or tigers. Firrans like Elves like wild nature a lot. They spend a lot of time traveling and that’s why they are great hunters and warriors.

Starting Location: Every Firran starts his adventures in Wind Trace Village – a location on the Hawk Hunting Plateau.

Harani is a race of human adventurers. They like to travel searching for adventures and glory. It is a practical race with a thirst for knowledge of technology. You can see at the picture that they look like humans.

Upcoming Races

Dwarves is a race of brave humanoids. Their height is usually low but they are very muscular, have broad shoulders, strong arms and beards. This race can be met in cities, they like metals, gems and trading. Dwarves live in caves and small villages. Their main activity is mining. They are strong and fearless warriors. Right now it’s impossible to play as a dwarf but developers are going to add this race in future updates.

Warborn are race of demons and they look very scary. Their appearance can make their enemies run away. Right now it is impossible to choose this race. It will be added in future game updates.