Five reasons to play ArcheAge

ArcheAge is a new free to play MMORPG, which cost a lot of my money to buy ArcheAge Gold all the time. And It seems to be exploding into the MMO world. Siv HD, CohhCarnage and many other popular gaming personalities are breaking out of their typical game genres to try out ArcheAge and they seem to be enjoying it.

Sprint Function
While a lot of MMORPGs have a sprint function, in some, you have to level up to a point and only certain classes will get it. This is especially satisfying because in a lot of MMOs, the quests at early levels require that you traverse entire continents (okay I’m exaggerating but you get it) and sprinting makes this about 15x less brutal. Even though it does take up stamina/mana, it takes very little at a time and you can sprint for 40-ish seconds before being out of stamina/mana.

Early Mount
Even with the sprinting, you may want something a little bit faster in later levels right? Well they give you a mount really early, making you feel so loved and privileged. No quest is too far away anymore! The way you get the mount is by planting it in the ground and nourishing it until it grows. This gives you a feeling of accomplishment, like you deserve to have that mount and it is truly yours because you made it.

Five reasons to play ArcheAge

Sometimes you just feel like gliding when you have to get down huge mountains or just a hill. Unlike many other MMORPGs you can get close to a flying mount pre-20 in ArcheAge. This is a hang glider that allows you to travel short distances or free-glide over pretty much everything. It feels so nice to just slowly float to your destination knowing that nothing can stop you and you can admire the landscape as you go. It’s just nice to have when you wanna fly across the horizon.

Tree Climbing
Yes that’s right! You can climb trees. And no I’m not talking about jumping on top of a tree, I’m talking about actually climbing up the trunk of the tree like a ladder. You also get this ability early in the game which just makes it awesome. There isn’t much to say about this perk, but do I really need to say anything? I mean, come on! I would play something just to satisfy my childish tree-climbing guilty pleasure.

Planting System
Planting seems like it shouldn’t be too cool of a feature in a game, but ArcheAge really does make it sound appealing with theirs. The system involves planting being an up-for-grabs sport, as in if you plant something, another player can take it. Of course, there are zones that are protected from that, but the protected zones don’t yield the awesome plants that you can get when you plant in more dangerous areas. In short, plant in the unprotected zones for better crops. Happy planting!