Share some information about ArcheAge Labor points you care

Today, here would share some information about Labor points you care. You know the Labor Points is the key of professions in ArcheAge game, such as farming, mining, crafting, fishing, feeding, planting, gathering and building the ships requires labor points. Each character has a certain number of labor points like an energy bar on the top of the experience bar. The labor point will increase with your character level.

Labor points regenerate automatically, the max labor point is 5000, 5 labor are restored every 5 mins, that means in a maximum of 1440 labor per day (except in a special restore way). What’s more, labor points will restore every 10 mins for 1 labor points even when you are off-line, and will become full after every update. Note, if you are a Non-premium player, 1 labor point is recovered 5 mins, maximum 288 points per day. And can not recover labor when they are offline.

Maybe you will feel too much labor points early, but you should know there are 21 professions in the ArcheAge game, every profession has its level, which is defined in points (0-50,000), so the more playing to the late (lv50), the more labor points required.

So how to use your labor points fully and reasonable, especially you are a beginner in the game. Now there is a good way – mining you can cost your labor points early, because the ore can be used very wide in the future, and these mining places are located in low level map, very suitable for beginners. There are two mining places you can choose.

Recommended 1, Western Robann Mine and Eastern Ronbann Mine in Lilyut Hill. A large of ore in the mine cave, it is very high efficiency you just mining along the mine cave.

Recommended 2, Royster’s Camp. A large number of Iron ore scattered around the camp, dig a circle you will return with fruitful results.
Of course, if you are still trouble have not enough iron ore, hurry up to these two places to mining.

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