ArcheAge Gold Farming Guide: Build Order to Save Taxes

Will you agree with me if I am telling you that it is also a kind of making ArcheAge Gold when you have a way to save some? Ok, our analysis today will help you save your taxes for your buildings in ArcheAge.

Many players have built many different characters under the same account to gain Scarecrow to increase our planting area. And it is actually right if we want a large planting area and avoid beling stolen at the same time. Some players found that the taxes we need to pay is varied even when we put the same numbers of Scarecrows and other buildings in the same land. Why is that? Be patient, let’s see the attached chart first, the numbers in blue mean the building order and the numbers in white mean the taxes we need to pay.

ArcheAge List

So, let’s start calculating now. If the player put four Scarecrows, one Pumpkin, one Underwater and one House, and we will calculate the taxes according to the building order.

Option one:

Option two:

So, from our analysis, we can see that different building order in the same buildings will result in different taxes payments. It is a good way to save gold in ArcheAge and it is a nice thing we should do as the gold farming way is limited in the game. What do you think?

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