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Let’s talk about races in ArcheAge

ArcheAge now is a very popular MMORPG game, what race will you choose at the beginning of the game. There are 4 playable races in ArcheAge: Nuians, Firrans, Elves and Harani, but Archeage-store said that they will add 2 more races later on. Thus there will be 6 races in total.

Playable races are divided into 2 factions: The Elves and The Nuians belong to Western Continent also called Nuia. The Firrans and The Harani belong to Eastern Continent also called Haranya. Western and Eastern continents are divided by a huge sea. These continents are in war and players from two factions are fighting between each other on the land and on the sea.

Races of Western Continent

The Nuians
Nuians are humanoid race of Western Continent. They are descendants of Nui – a powerful Goddess of the Hereafter and their culture revolves around this goddess.

Starting Location: Nuian players start their adventures in Baragi Village – beautiful village near the sea shore.

The Elves
Elves are a race of Western Continent. They are looking like humans but they are usually more elegant and have very long ears. Though they look like humans they don’t like big stone cities. They prefer to live in forests far from other races and that’s why life of elves is rumored to be full of fantastic stories. Elven women are beautiful and men are handsome. Some of them like to travel searching for adventures. Others are more peaceful.

Let's talk about races in ArcheAge

Races of Eastern Continent

The Firrans
Firrans is a race of nomads from Eastern Continent. They have unusual appearance and are looking like cats or tigers. Firrans like Elves like wild nature a lot. They spend a lot of time traveling and that’s why they are great hunters and warriors.

Starting Location: Every Firran starts his adventures in Wind Trace Village – a location on the Hawk Hunting Plateau.

Harani is a race of human adventurers. They like to travel searching for adventures and glory. It is a practical race with a thirst for knowledge of technology. You can see at the picture that they look like humans.

Upcoming Races

Dwarves is a race of brave humanoids. Their height is usually low but they are very muscular, have broad shoulders, strong arms and beards. This race can be met in cities, they like metals, gems and trading. Dwarves live in caves and small villages. Their main activity is mining. They are strong and fearless warriors. Right now it’s impossible to play as a dwarf but developers are going to add this race in future updates.

Warborn are race of demons and they look very scary. Their appearance can make their enemies run away. Right now it is impossible to choose this race. It will be added in future game updates.

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Five reasons to play ArcheAge

ArcheAge is a new free to play MMORPG, which cost a lot of my money to buy ArcheAge Gold all the time. And It seems to be exploding into the MMO world. Siv HD, CohhCarnage and many other popular gaming personalities are breaking out of their typical game genres to try out ArcheAge and they seem to be enjoying it.

Sprint Function
While a lot of MMORPGs have a sprint function, in some, you have to level up to a point and only certain classes will get it. This is especially satisfying because in a lot of MMOs, the quests at early levels require that you traverse entire continents (okay I’m exaggerating but you get it) and sprinting makes this about 15x less brutal. Even though it does take up stamina/mana, it takes very little at a time and you can sprint for 40-ish seconds before being out of stamina/mana.

Early Mount
Even with the sprinting, you may want something a little bit faster in later levels right? Well they give you a mount really early, making you feel so loved and privileged. No quest is too far away anymore! The way you get the mount is by planting it in the ground and nourishing it until it grows. This gives you a feeling of accomplishment, like you deserve to have that mount and it is truly yours because you made it.

Five reasons to play ArcheAge

Sometimes you just feel like gliding when you have to get down huge mountains or just a hill. Unlike many other MMORPGs you can get close to a flying mount pre-20 in ArcheAge. This is a hang glider that allows you to travel short distances or free-glide over pretty much everything. It feels so nice to just slowly float to your destination knowing that nothing can stop you and you can admire the landscape as you go. It’s just nice to have when you wanna fly across the horizon.

Tree Climbing
Yes that’s right! You can climb trees. And no I’m not talking about jumping on top of a tree, I’m talking about actually climbing up the trunk of the tree like a ladder. You also get this ability early in the game which just makes it awesome. There isn’t much to say about this perk, but do I really need to say anything? I mean, come on! I would play something just to satisfy my childish tree-climbing guilty pleasure.

Planting System
Planting seems like it shouldn’t be too cool of a feature in a game, but ArcheAge really does make it sound appealing with theirs. The system involves planting being an up-for-grabs sport, as in if you plant something, another player can take it. Of course, there are zones that are protected from that, but the protected zones don’t yield the awesome plants that you can get when you plant in more dangerous areas. In short, plant in the unprotected zones for better crops. Happy planting!

ArcheAge – 6 Ways to Earn Gold

There are many ways to make ArcheAge gold fast and safe in the ArcheAge online game. Now, ArcheAge-Store.com would share the 6 main ways are popular to make money, to help you along your way.

Complete Quests
Indeed, monetary rewards for individual quests aren’t very large, yet they can still be a decent source of income, particularly early in the game when launching other ventures needs capital. Besides, when killing monsters to complete quests, they might drop a Coinpurse, which contains silvers and in some cases some valuable crafting materials that can be sold on the auction hall.

Cultivation and Farming
Among the various crafting skills in ArcheAge, cultivation is one which can help you earn some money. You can “cultivate” a diversity of animals, such as sheep, cattle, poultry, etc., attending to each animal’s particular requirements and harvest time. Moreover, each product you sell has its specific cost; therefore some will earn you more than others. For people who don’t want to farm themselves, they’ll pay a premium for these items at auction.

Planting different plants and fruits is another way of earning money in ArcheAge. Each product has its particular harvest time, and you can sell what you harvest to NPC’s, or you can for sell the lumber to other players seeking to make boats. Yet, this activity might require some initial investment in seeds or seedlings.

Another easy way to get some money is fishing. Preparing a rod isn’t hard, and you can make one in the crafting station. Then, you just need to get some earthworms, which you can gather when planting crops, and go to the sea to fish. If you became a fishing fan, you can also build a boat, although that might be pricey, and exposes you to pirates and thieves.

Trade Packs
Trade Packs are the best way to get gold in ArcheAge. When reaching level 10, quests become available, and allow you to create and deliver trade packs. Some specialties are specific from a certain region, and you can deliver Trade Packs to Gold Traders on your continent. The only rule is that you cannot deliver the specialties in the region where they were crafted. The further the region you sell your Trade Pack, the more money you get. ArcheAge has been created with the trade pack system at its core, and unsurprisingly, they’re one of the best ways to make money in the game.

Thievery and Piracy
And of course, if you don’t fancy working for your gold, you can always go around stealing property from other players. Some illegal farms are unprotected, and players can loot them. Moreover, these players can attack others carrying a trade pack in the PvP zones or at sea. Yet, this activity is a bit risky, as thieves and pirates should be ready to be put on trial and spend time in jail, if they get caught. Small price to pay however for the thrill of the hunt, and free goods.

Top 5 Builds in ArcheAge

This is personal opinion and some people might have some slightly differnt opinion, but thee are all very solid classes and there are gonna be very good for their roles, that is why I choose them. You should believe that I do have a pretty good knowledge of all kinds of classes.

BuildsClasses in ArcheAge

1. Dagger Spell
Dagger Spell is my favorite mage class in AA. Dagger Spell is an incredibly bursty mage, utilizes witchcraft to have amazing amount of ceasing. The class revolve around your target and ceasing them. You can do anything while you stopping. Some class can stop you enemy 4 or 5 second, but ceasing can cover that plus a lot more. So if you want play as a mage, Dagger Spell is definitely a good choose for you, even there some little variations.

2. Primeval
Primeval is a archer type class which excels in 1V1 and 1 V many in PVP. This class has so many dashes and moves in blinks. This class has so great mobility that can helps you just keeps away from your opponent, and just keeps damage form long rage which archers can do. Promeval is a really strong class that can handle a lot of different situation, because his attack range is so huge. the shortcoming is premival prove many AOE damage beacause there are few AOE skills can be chosen, but this is not a big problem for PVP player.

3. Darkrunner
Darkrunner can ceasing the target and doing a huge mana burst at some time. Along with the ridicules mobility which comes from Battlerage, Shadowplay and Auramancy, this class can burst thier target and get out as well. So, it is good for PVP, it can be powerful and squishy. It definitely have a place in PVP and really excels in 1 on 1. You can get to your target instantly. it is a little bit difficult for Darkrunner to fight with tanks than some other classes. But if you want to play a softy DPS, Darkrunner is a great choice for you.

4. Templar
Templar is a kind of healing class in AA. Templar can gives a huge heal for the team, which cause him usually main focus on healing. But Templar has a lot of ponits in his defense tree, so it can be really tanky. Templar has invicibility skill to grants immunity to all damage for 12 seconds. That is an amazing point for a huge class, because when you start healing your group, your enemy will get you down first,then you can just pop skill and take any types of damage for 12 seconds, which is a huge amount of time. To enjoy more fun as a healer, you can level as a DPS first than switch to a healer after level 50, then level another tree. Healers are always high demand, so you will find group easily.

5. Skullknight
Last but not least, we introduce you Skullknight. Skullknight is my favorite tank in AA, you just can not imaging how tank this class is. It’s great 1v1 and probably the best tank for large scale group pvp. The Skullknight excels in many aspects of the game, has a large aoe stun and can run and gun with mana stars aswell as many displacement ability’s.

How to Create a House in ArcheAge

Sourse From: http://www.archeage-store.com/news/game-ArcheAge-33/ArcheAge-How-to-Create-a-House-14172

Today were going to build a basic house.

1. The first step is to get to Mirage island with at least 15 Gilda stars. This is the amount needed to build your own simple, basic house. You could also buy any of the blueprints on the auction house and skip this step. These two red dots show where you can buy the houses from.

AA House 1

2. Now you need to buy your house. In this tutorial were going to be doing the cheap house which is the quickest and easiest to make.

AA House 2

3. Now you’ll be able to see what you need in order to construct your house.

Swept-Roof Villa Design

Creates a Swept-Roof Villa in a Housing Province.

Classification: Small House
Dimensions: 16m x 16m
Decor limit: 45 items

Construction Material
-Stone Pack (1)
-Stone Pack (1)
-Lumber Pack (1)

Once completed, you can use your Teleport Book and Regal Coking Tools at the fireplace. Returned via mail if removed. Return will be delayed 22 hours if the removal is due to unpaid taxes.

-Security Deposit:20 Tax Certificates
-Taxes: 10 Tax Certigicates

Pay the security deposit and taxes to place a house. the security deposit equals 2 weekly tax payments,and will be returned when the buiding is demolished.
(Not returned if the building is removed because of late payments.)

Tax rates increase based on the number of buildings you own per server. Can’t be placed on severe slopes or obstacles.

4. Now for the hard part, trying to find somewhere to place your house. Usually any of the PvP zones will have space but if you’re lucky enough you’ll find a space in a non PvP zone.

5. Now you need to get your 3 resource packs, 2 Stone Packs and 1 Lumber pack.

6. And that’s it. It’s not as hard as you might think, but don’t forget to check your mail to pay your taxes.

AA House 3

What’s your favorite ArcheAge class?

Sourse From: http://www.archeage-store.com/news/game-ArcheAge-33/Whats-your-favorite-ArcheAge-class-14169

Which class to choose has become a hot topic among players after the ArcheAge beta. ArcheAge features over 100 classes built from 10 skillsets favored by the gods and heroes of the Great Expedition. After reaching level 10, you can combine any three skillsets to make a unique class.

AA Classes 1

So you can easily get lost in the sheer amount of information, especially if you are new to ArcheAge or to MMOs in general. Among these ArcheAge class, which one is your ideal choice? See below, the most popular ArcheAge classes.

AA Classes 2

What’s your favorite ArcheAge class?

ArcheAge Online Mounts and Transportation

AA Map

ArcheAge offers players a vast world to explore and conquer, arid deserts, tropical shores, forbidding mountains peaks you can travel. In order to get around in ArcheAge by land and sea, even in the air, ArcheAge transportation is very important for you. Transportation refers to a way of travelling across the world of ArcheAge. Do you know how many kinds of ArcheAge mounts and transportation in the ArcheAge online game?

Flying transportation: Airships, Ally’s Wings
Land / Sea transportation: Skateboards
Land race mounts: Lilyut Horses, Snow Lion, Elk, Leomorph
Land mounts / transportation: Yatta, Donkey, Sled Cow, Bloodstock, Farm Wagon, Vehicles
Sea transportation: Warships, Fishing Boat, Merchant Ship, Dolphin, Red Submarine

These transportation and mounts you can get by quests or purchase in merchant NPC / Cash Shop with your credits. Of course, you can Choose ARCHEAGE-STORE.COM. We focus in offering you the fast ArcheAge Gold at the most reasonable price. You can enjoy 24/7 online support in our store. And getting ArcheAge mounts.